Best Home Exercise Equipment For Any Fitness Experience Level

Bored with public gym!

It is true to extent that I can do better in public gym getting commendation from the gym operators. But the fact is that I might not get any liberty of doing exercise. In this case I would like to make my home my own gym buying the best home exercise equipment for the best gym fitness. The home gym must be allowing me to do some excessive things which might be possible to do in other gyms at. My home my equipment no needs to show shame and how much effort I need to pay on my work out when doing exercise.

Now you can remove privacy as the personal gym gives you all doing freely at home. The gym that gives you the privacy, freedom, hygiene is the only gym of your own. The home exercise equipment gives you a blessing of exercise at home. Don’t need to get out of your house to reach the gym before 10 minutes. Main purpose of this home gym is to keep you connected all the time with the benefits of using the equipment of exercise. If you would be the admitted of the gym then you could not get some extra hours if you had needed to pass there.
best home exercise equipment pull up bar
The equipment which you are using at home for exercising at home are of the latest thinking and technological. All the equipment for home exercises have been designed for making your fitness extraordinary. If you are new in home exercise equipment then it is a very hard job for you to realize the best home exercise equipment for home gym. The experienced who have been using the home exercise equipment for a several years must understood the level of this newly reached home gym equipment. In the below the new and the best home gym equipment have been described in words:

Strength Exercise Equipment

1. Pull-Up Bar:

Not only men but also women of all era had liked to use the well-known pull up bar as their best choice. The reason is not like that they want to make their arm strong or beautiful. The pull-ups may be something difficult for the first time but no one can go without learning it if they practice It to be stronger. The doorway pull-up bars have become popular in home exercise recently.They are very cheap so you can place them on your house door way to run through it in different ways.

best home exercise equipment pull up bar

Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pull-Up Bar The perfect fitness bar is chosen as the best by most of the work out persons. It has regarded as the best for its having 6 door pull-up bars. The multi-gym had become the best price perfection and ease of setup and having its pull up variation rules.

2. Ab Roller:

It is helpful for developing your core strength if you use this sculpt a killer six pack. If you ask a fitness professional he will extremely realize you its benefits that a strong core lead you to a strong body. The stomach muscles can be converted to core using this equipment not doing daily exercise.

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro: newly reached exercise equipment is the perfect fitness model. The wheel that has been designed in ultra-wide rounded provides you the ability of both roll straight and left-right standing in specific areas to the outer abs. The handles are very easy to hold because they are very ergonomic and comfortable.

3. Resistance Bands:

The resistance brands are scientifically proven best exercise equipment brands. If you do not believe you can justify its quality using it for the first time. It is better than the weight for physical benefits. People are being crazy to see its using benefits that are versatile, easily portable and able to fun when doing work out. The both weights and the resistance brand are only used to enrich the strength of muscles. But the resistance brand only used to make the body power greater and functional strength also.

Resistance brands are available at only $20-$30 per set if you buy them as home equipment. There are some resistance bands in the market as popular and they are:
Bodyalstic Resistance Band Set: If you don’t want to be injured during exercise you can use the bodylastic resistance brand set. It has got the highest rating to its customers which are not available in other brands. It is made of premium quality elastic type materials with a patented anti-snap cord which can save us from snapping. Its two comfortable handles and 2 custom door anchors are only at $30.

4. Adjustable Dumbbells:

The adjustable dumbbells has recently reached home exercise equipment product that is never invented in the past. The most important fact is that the only single home exercise equipment is properly adjustable dumbbells equipment. The person who does not know the free weights which is known as dumbbells has become important for their fitness. How many exercises are required to dumbbell and it is only to be justified by this tool of exercise. If you need to so more works out at a time you just try to use this exercise equipment.

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Dumbbells: Is the best selling adjustable dumbbells set in market. This adjustable dumbbell is very smart for their having a whole rack of dumbbells in one set. If you had used the dumbbell with multiple weight attachment at price $1,000 you can better buy now the new dumbbells at price only 200 bucks.

5. Weight Bench:

If you have set your home exercise workout routine then you can buy it for the best. The weight bench is used for the chest and back exercise. On a weight bench you need to push up lying back to this equipment. If you think that your back part will stable using it then you can use this weight bench. The weight benches are now easily adjustable, awesome to look and it also give you the strength of changing angle of the bench from 0 to 90.

Best Choice: Universal 5-Position Weight Bench : the benches of weight that varies in quality and comfort as well as in prices are known as best well-known equipment for doing exercise work outs. It can be made adjustable in five several positions and it is comfortable and stable and best in all positions. Even the best quality benches are cheap in the market so users like to buy them.

6. Foam Roller

The word foam roller is a very new word that is a one kind of exercising equipment. People use this equipment to keep them away from the muscles soreness. It is made of hard foam and its shape is like a cylinder. It is about 3 feet in length that helps a lot to give importance in our body fitness work. It helps to emit lactic acid from our body. I also use it every now and then when I do complete my work out. There are different types of foam rollers in the market and they are:

Trigger Point GRID Foam Roller: In the market you will find three types of foam rollers but the most popular is the grid-style. It got reputation mostly in the market for its quality and using facilities. The professional athletes use this foam roller for their body fitness.

7. Kettlebell :

As Beneficial home exercise equipment kettlebell is popular which is compared to the resistance bands. It can simultaneously build your strength, cardio endurance, balance and flexibility at one moment. It has reached in the top level of the list of all exercise equipment. However the kettebell swing is the most popular exercise equipment which has a weighted ball. The kettlebell is able to use in several types of exercise it you run it in proper direction for doing workout.

CAP Enamel-Coated Kettlebell : The kettlebell is really very ordinary equipment of doing exercise. Its price has reduced that the past model of these products and now you can purchase it at only a few amounts of dollars. The women likes to take weight 15-40 lbs according to their range. But the men like to weight 30-70 lbs at a time.

8. Medicine Ball:

About a 1000 years ago medicine balls was first invented. The ancient Greek physical who was called by the people “Fathers of Western Medicine” invented it provide weights in animals skin. But it has now come back with the same name but for different use and It is now a exercise equipment nothing else. There are some medicine balls which are now being used to enhance the body fitness and they are:

Valeo Medicine Ball: the medicine balls are actually not so expensive products as we think. They are really having quality and durability that gives people to get fitness. The Valeo medicine ball is in the top level of picking. It is very much popular for fitness brand for many years. It is made of textured rubber materials and in the higher position in the body fitness equipment.

CARDIO Equipment

1. Treadmill:

A very rare piece of exercise home equipment is treadmill. Today people who take physical exercise or running work out at home cannot pass a single day without it. Its very necessary for women who cannot go out of house for running. Here no way to get bore although you run on it for a long hours for its having music system. It gives you comfort for its smooth pace motors moving and the soft handle that gives you support to stand on the running belt.

Sole F85 Treadmill: the sole f85 got the top level in the market for its having quality and best adjustable system. It is extra-wide 22 inch pad, a beautiful 9 inch color display and a mp3 player with a smooth digital sound. If you do your workout on it you will be able to get full comfort in running.

Sunny Health & Fitness Treadmill : The treadmills are now-a-days very effective for body builders and fitness hopers. The treadmills are very cheap and if you want to buy them under your budget then its in your hand. Just try to buy this sole F85 and you don’t have to pay $1800 for these treadmills. You make your own choice according to you budget for buying what you want actually. If you need the budget level of treadmill then you can choose the Sunny Health & Fitness for your home gym.

2. Rowing Machine:

In the fitness world the best body fitness machine we can call he cardio. It’s known as rowing machine but the most popular people around the world call It as a “cardio exercise of all time”. It not only works out for your back muscles but also the whole body workout. If you want to enhance both the strength and cardio, you can use this exercise equipment. Rowing is a work out that gives 84 percent of your body muscles. There a many kinds of rowing machine in the market for body exercise so I highly recommend you to know all of the models of the Rowing machines:

Concept2 Model D Indoor Rower: The concept 2 model d has got 800 customers or above. The 5 star reviews have managed to do it astounding position percentage of 98. In the world of fitness many may have complain against many equipment but this is the best which has no complain against it.

3. Punching Bag:

It’s a one kind of bag that is kept hanging with a rope where we practice punching. We randomly punch on it as forcefully as we can. It enhances the power of our arms and makes our body strong and fit. It is very much popular in boxing players who keeps it in the personal gym room to practice boxing. It has come with some models and qualities and they are:

Century Wave master Freestanding Training Bag: The century wave master freestanding training bag is very popular for it’s having best quality, durability, sizes. They are very easy to hang on the wall for your personal gym room. Now you can make your room a very easy accessible gym filling the lack of this punching bag. You can use it very easily and it can be changed to its height using its rope. Now any one can reach to its position to apply their punch on it and make him stronger.

4. Exercise Bike:

The bike looking exercise equipment is called the exercise bike. Peoples love to buy it for its having a great supporting system of holding its handle like bikes when doing work out. You can do it riding a bicycle also but it will be more comfortable than riding a cycle. It gives you comfort at home when you are doing work out sitting on it. There are some qualities and models of this exercise bikes and you can see them at a glance:

Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Exercise Bike: This Exerpeutic bike has 8 level of magnetic resistance quality that helps someone to adjust the tension level easily and hardly when doing workout. It also tracks your heart rate on the monitor screen and you can see the progress report when you are actively riding it.

5. Jump Rope:

We may have heard about this jump rope with it we had played in the kindergarten school level. We used to calculate the number of each of our friends could jump over the rope. It was somehow different to do both calculating and working out of the rope. If by mistake our legs mixes with the rope we may fall on the ground and it happened for the first time when we would do it in school life. It enhances both our eyes power and foot power and gives us a fit body.

Fitness Master Jump Rope: The boss of fitness is the master jump rope as it gives a proper adjustment while using it. It works very well for its having a great functional system and it gives the value of your money that you spend to buy it.

6. Vibration Platform

This is a very common way of getting body fitness and sound health. If you stand on the vibrating platform it will start vibrating and the vibration will be transferred to your body in stimulation system which will change the shape and condition of your body muscles. It will give you a very comfortable fitness type work out exercise. So do not wait to buy this equipment and make your home the best gym of your own. There are a lot of models of vibrating platforms in the markets and they are :

Confidence Fitness Vibration Platform: If we talk about the vibration platform for building our body fitness then we find it as the best. You can choose different types of intensity level in this equipment for doing exercise. It has also two workout straps that will give you the support of the total body balance. You get fit using It as long as you keep it in your daily routine of exercise.

Before Buying Best Home Exercise Equipment

While it’s always tempting to just click and buy as soon as you see an awesome piece of equipment, there are three quick things you should consider before you buy.

## Fitness Goals

Different kinds of home exercise equipment in the market that helps us to make our body fit and strong. We look smart getting fit so we try to go to gym or use the gym equipment at home. If we are running for losing our weights, it’s good for our health. But all the time running on the road side might not be seen well.

So it is better to make our home gym buying the equipment of exercise and gets body builder or fit. The person who expects to make their fitness as goal then can do these home gym exercise:

• Weight loss.: If we want to lose our body weight then we must need to do exercise at morning and evening. These two times helps us to reduce our body fat and make the belly tight also. When we will make a routine for doing exercise then we have no chance of having over weight of fat or muscles in our body.

The new home exercising equipment are designed in such a way that anyone can lose his weight doing exercise very easily when they will have needed. The cardio gives us an effort to do exercise and lose our body weight and at once we get some tight muscles.

• Building muscle: we may have a hobby of building our muscles like other body builders as in the market we find many people to buy exercising equipment only for this reason. Some people make their house gym buying the best home exercise equipment where they can easily spend their time for doing exercise.

How much exercise they will do that much muscles fitness they might have got. I became able to pick up over 24 lbs of muscles and now It is getting increased because I paid my full emphasis on making my muscles more strong and designed.

• General health & fitness: The exercise we do for our fitness must be making our health smart healthy and durable. We want to change the shape, pattern and condition of our muscle doing exercise. In order to live for or get more well fitness we do exercise.

It gives us both the priority of living and to keep us diseases free such as fat, diet problems. If you think you need to convert the design of your body and muscles you need some home exercise equipment for doing exercise. In this case you can buy the best adjustable dumbbells and give you the advantages of doing a safe and easy workout to keep your body healthy and feel also.

## Budget

The matter of money makes us weak buying some products though they are well-know or best quality products. The new adjustable dumbbells are in the range of people buying so we can try to bring them for our home gym. If you are worry about budget what you need to buy between the product quality and your budget.

As best budget products have best quality and prices so try to make the best product in limitation of your budget. In this way you can buy the best quality product with a small price which will be under your ability. In the market there are many product brands and they having different budgeting prices also.

## Space

You must be setting up them inside your house considering the spaces also. You just need to know how much spaces are there in your house gym. If the space is huge then you can buy the largest sizes of exercise equipment. You can buy a large place in a apartment where you get massive space to settle your home exercise equipment easily.

But you have to keep some extra spaces also in the gym room so that you can walk there or take rest for a while. Most of time you should try to buy the smallest sizes equipment so you will be able to establish them inside the gym room very easily

Best Home Exercise Equipment Brands

The health equipment are very rare in the market today that can give you proper fitness. But the biggest industries now offer many different unique products of their brands.

They have quality and durability of using them. There are some specified brands that gave the proving reports to their users and have become the leader type product in the market for making best fitness of users.

#1 Perfect Fitness

Though the perfect fitness is known to people since 2004 but it got published with a powerful popularity in the industry recently. The founder of the company setup their company with the owner Navy SEAL Alden Mills who Tried his best in core exercise to designing their products.

As soon as the perfect push up got released in 2006 it made the Perfect Fitness more popular to its users. It gives natural movement to the people so they can easily enrich the design of their muscles. I have a lot of perfect fitness equipment and I commend you to buy a new one.

#2 Weider Fitness

It was named after the Joe Weider who was the worlds bodybuilding person and very popular for his fitness in the world. This man won award in Body building from IFFB which we see very rare in new ages people. He took part in mr and ms Olympia bodybuilding contests.

He becomes first in the fitness media companies as Muscle & Fitness and Men’s Fitness. The line equipment has been designed so that people can turn their muscles like him by doing exercise. Now-a-days the TBW products are very popular which has been designed by Joe Weider.

#3 Bowflex

If anyone thinks about home gym equipment he can find bowflex as the best for him. This is a very popular brand which is producing fitness equipment since 1986. It has also become main in the fitness industry so many people has become agreed to make it as the best one choosing gym equipment for themselves. The bowlex offers many different types of gym equipment like free weights, home gym systems, cardio equipment etc.

It is durable and guaranteed quality equipment so anyone can buy it for the home gym for exercise. You can buy it because it has nothing complex and 100 percent accurate for the body adjustment. I have tested more than 12 types of gym equipment but the Bowflex could not be like others.

#4 Ironmaster

The great brand choosing is the ironmaster brand. It was established in 1978 and it is popular brand for its high quality and unique design. Its all of the best home exercise equipment are new and clear cut design with a deeper look.

When you will see them for the first time you will make you wonder that they have a very adjustable dumbbells boast, grainy iron-plate weight setup and steel handle. To use them easy and tight they have designed in this way for better use.

Final Verdict

Hope this step by step guide will help you to choose the best home exercise equipment. Our suggestion is to buy a right exercise equipment from Amazon Store. Amazon is more trustworthy, well known and user friendly platform for buying products online. You may find user rating and review on Amazon who already use the product, so Amazon will be your right destination to buy your desired products online.